Co-Founder / Creative Director 

Known in the hip hop community as Lil 6, 6 gained national prominence through an early music career. Notable records such as "All Whites" and "Honest" featuring fellow TOT artists Gordo Brazy and BMO created a rippling wave effect for the young artist reigning out of the south side of Jane and Finch. The superstar potential in 6 was discovered early; by someone of hip-hop royalty, Oliver El-Khatib (October’s Very Own Founder). On Ep.49 of OVO SOUND RADIO Oliver played “10 Million” in his set, this was groundbreaking for TOT. Being featured on one of the most famed radio platforms on earth not only set them apart from other everyday acts in the city but also opened endless new doors for 6 and the Tired of Talking collective, kick-starting the birth of something special. Fast forward 3 years onward, it became obvious 6’s creativity and visual artistic touch is what sets him apart from the average creative. Through dapper Tired Of Talking apparel and unorthodox audio/visual creations, 6 has frequently proved himself as an innovator in Toronto’s creative arts scene.



When you combine a wide ranging network, flamboyant taste for fashion, almost 10 years of experience in the entrepreneur/music industry and a keen eye/ear for talent…. you get JR. Credited to JR’s Kobe Bryant-esque work rate and organization behind the scenes, Tired Of Talking has had a slew of well rolled out projects. Growing up in the heart of Jane & Finch at a time where Rocawear jeans and Air Jordan’s were more important than life itself, it didn’t take him long to decipher the difference between fashion trends, fads and classic pieces. Similar to his sense for deciphering fashion trends, he also developed one for music. In the midst of balancing school responsibilities, high level rep basketball and maneuvering day-to-day in a community Toronto Star classified as “Toronto’s most dangerous place to be a kid” JR moonwalked through the pressure with Gucci shoes on…literally. Inspired by the innovative thinking of his elder brother Samuel the concept of Tired Of Talking was born in early 2017, 4 boys from Jane & Finch commenced a movement that represents positive progression in not only creative arts but anything that sparks passion into the soul; The rest is history.

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