BMO x Gordo Brazy X Lil 6 - Honest (Official Video)

"Honest" became a fan favourite in early 2017 via Soundcloud,  the Trey Songz remix brought 6 and fellow TOT artists BMO and Gordo Brazy together musically for the first time. The energy of this record put the underground Toronto music scene in a frenzy. Tired Of Talking was not only becoming a familiar name; the creative collective was now reputable for quality music, combining diverse sounds such as traditional western hip hop/R&B with the sounds of their Ghanian/Nigerian roots and never lacking fashionable taste in anything they do.

WeLoveHipHop Interview

After garnering national attention for the single "All Whites", The Tired Of Talking collective expeditiously became a household name in Toronto. With credit to the flawless executive production performed by JR, The evocative visuals captured by ShotByDolo, Majestic audio engineering by Mnstrm and creative direction/artistry by 6; Toronto wanted to know the origin story of Tired Of Talking. 

Voices From The Staircase Podcast

Off the back of announcing the launch of Tired of Talking's introductory initiative "Linkup Session", 6 was invited to have a conversation with Neighbourhood from Voices From The Staircase Podcast. While touching on topics such as the current state of hip-hop, mental health, figuring yourself out while navigating in the inner city and much more...6 illustrates the importance of putting together more creative spaces for inner city youth and how they will transpire for Toronto culture on a global scale.

Lil 6 - All Whites (Official Video)

In a time where Toronto music was prominent for its winterized R&B sound, 6 defied gravity by meshing his unapologetic Toronto swagger with this funky afroswing beat produced by the multi platinum maestro known as G.A. Based in the United Kingdom G.A is best known for production of hit singles like "Dun Talkin" by Abra Cadabra,"Warm" by K-Trap, "Moncler" by Tinie Tempah feat. Tion Wayne and many more household anthems. Following the release of "All Whites" it became somewhat of a stepping stone for both UK and Toronto's emerging talents to collaborate, credits to the hometown heroes Drake & Giggs for leading by example on "More Life" with songs like "KMT" and "No Long Talk". 

Voices Of The Culture

After having a breakout year and proving themselves as Toronto's premier podcast, Voices From The Staircase curated a well rounded panel of multifaceted creatives/entrepreneurs in the Toronto scene. This episode featured 6 alongside DJ Snoopy and Emcee Ebone, Neighborhood (co-host of the VFS podcast) steered the conversation with riveting questions and theories about not only how the Toronto urban scene has made a rise to relevance but how we as a culture can maintain/elevate this status in years to come. The group discussed thought provoking topics such as growing up in African households, How to earn your respect or die trying in Toronto and the untold truths about street life/jail. 

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