BMF: The Grey Area In Between Morality & Progress

If BMF portrayed any message throughout season 1 it was that being morally correct DOES NOT always lead to progress, To add salt in the wound they also depicted how at times your own moral compass can be your biggest opposition.

Characters were often placed at crossroads and handed drastic yet common ultimatums by life, the morally correct route often would result in financial burden, non fulfilling rewards or struggle upon struggle while the alternative route would usually go against majority of humans moral compass but end in gratifying rewards. Seeing as how the show was rooted in a poverty stricken community, many of the rash decisions made by the characters were from that of a survival standpoint. 

Mr & Mrs Flenory(Meech’s parents) were probably the only morally correct people in the show…But they were also the only ones in debt and facing eviction. Irony at its finest. It’s comical how they would shun Meech for being in the "streets" but guess who saved them on eviction week... Mr & Mrs Flenory’s moral compass was so set in stone that they were prepared to get evicted rather than willingly accept Meech’s “street" money, if he hadn’t went behind their back to pay the bill their morals would have had them sleeping in a hostel or worse.

On the other hand, it seemed like all the characters who had put their morals aside and were willing to break a couple laws were in a good financial situation. From Detective Bryant(Steve Harris) accepting hush money from the most notorious hustlers in Detroit, all the way down to Pastor Swift(Snoop Dogg) hiding drugs in the same church he preaches the gospel out of; It makes you wonder… Do we have to go against our morals to “succeed”?

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